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Adult Fitness

Orientations  –Every member is entitled to one free orientation. It is recommended you redeem your orientation when you first join the gym so you can understand the equipment and workout safely. It is a 30 minute session which mostly covers the cardio and Precore® rooms, but can be adapted to your needs. A $15 fee is charged if it is not your first orientation.  If you are a member ages 12-14 you are required to have an orientation before you use the cardio or Precore® rooms.

Group Exercise – Here at the Wendell P. Clark YMCA we offer a wide variety of group exercises free for our members. You’ll find something for everyone from gentle Aquaerobic and Yoga classes to high energy HIIT and Les Mills Body Pump Classes . Our certified and trained staff will ensure that you get the best workout no matter your fitness level. Members 12-14 may attend classes with adult supervision. You can see our entire offering in our Program Guide.

Strength Conditioning

Are you looking for a way to strengthen and tone your muscles? Then this class is the class for you. 

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Zumba Plus Toning (45 MIN) This class gives traditional toning a new spin by setting light weight training to rhythm

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Core and More

Our certified instructors invite you to try one of our Core and More classes! Through proper instruction, form and technique

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Cardio Kickboxing

A great alternative to traditional cardio workouts, cardio kickboxing is a phenomenal way to stay in shape. Our certified Instructors

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Aqua Zumba®

Take the party to the pool! This class takes all of your favorite elements of Zumba® and puts them in

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Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging is a great alternative to cycling. It offers all the benefits of a no impact cardio workout with

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Cardio Toning

This class is certain to shred calories  through its cardio interval format, which will challenge your body in new and

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Sports Conditioning

The Clark YMCA is pleased to introduce Sports Conditioning to our class line up! Using the unique space and design

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This class offers the ultimate in no impact cardiovascular work. By working against the resistance of the water, you can

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Yoga is a truly rewarding experience which aims to enrich both body and mind through various movements with breath. Whether

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