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Swim Lessons

Children learn to swim using the YMCA Progressive swim guidelines.  Using both instruction and play, kids build their skills at their pace, ensuring that they succeed often, build confidence and have fun.  The classes help children develop strokes, water safety skills, life skills and provide a positive learning experience.  Attention New Swimmers:  Swim Tests are required (for proper placement) prior to program registration.  Call for your free swim test prior to registration.

Level V: Stroke Refinement

In this class, swimmers will have the chance to fine tune their strokes and continue to work on building their

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Level IV: Stroke Improvement

Swimmers will continue to work on their stroke technique and diving skills learned in level three, while also building their

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Level III: Stroke Development

The main focus of this class is the introduction of proper freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke technique for short distances. Jumping

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Level II: Fundamental Water Skills

Each child continues to become more confident in the water, learning to swim short distances without assistance with their face

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Level I: Intro to Water Skills

Each child works on building confidence in the water, learning skills such as, putting their face in the water, swimming

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Preschool Gym and Swim

This program is the perfect solution to finding time in your schedule for your preschooler to participate in both swim

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