“The Clark Y has been a positive impact on me throughout my life. As a child, it provided me with a safe haven to participate in many activities including swimming,  skating, dancing, gymnastics, basketball, and provided an opportunity for me to develop leadership qualities that affected future career choices. As an adult, it has provided similar experiences for my children and opportunities for good physical activity for myself.”


“I always considered this YMCA my ‘Cheers’ where everybody knows your name and you always feel welcome and wanted.”


“The Y has become part of what I do and who I am.”


“I like that both the children and I can be challenged. We have opportunities to meet goals that we have either set for ourselves or have been set for us. The people at the Y are so nice and encouraging and we love the social interaction.”


“I like the location and convenience. I am very pleased with the equipment and love the welcome feeling I get at the Y.”